Day Course in Mosaic for Adults (Mornings and noons)

Day Course in Mosaic for Adults

Mornings and Afternoons

Mixed techniques: Direct or Indirect (learners's choice)

We are taking demonstrations of interest to form groups of minimum 4 people to take day-time mosaic classeswith us - contact us to demonstrate your interest and let us know your availability on week days between 10am - 3.30pm.

for all levels

Day courses will take place at our new venue in North London:

Make a stunning mosaic out of a mosaic template, your original design or photograph whilst learning a variety of techniques, from classic to modern to create your own unique mosaic!

Our mosaic courses are tailored to each individual needs. Mosaic is a slow pace art form and you don't need to be good at drawing as we teach different techniques to copy and transfer a design onto paper or wood base.

The size of your mosaic will depend of the number of hours you choose:

  •  8h mosaic course you can complete a 10cm2 mosaic
  •  15h mosaic course you can complete a 20cm2 mosaic
  • 24h mosaic course you can complete a 30cm2 mosaic

We have a large range of tiles in many colours, including recycled materials, and you are also welcome to bring in your own found objects or tiles to use. You do not need to be especially good at drawing for this course as full tuition and help is available with this- you just need to be interested and enthusiastic.

Design templates are also available at our studio or you may bring your own design. We advise our course attendees to think about a design idea in advance in order to save time for the making of the mosaic.

Our mosaic course covers

  • The direct or indirect method of mosaic: your choice!
  • How to transform a design idea into a mosaic
  • How to use mosaic making tools
  • How to cut and lay ceramic and glass vitreous tiles using tile nippers
  • How to apply basic techniques of andamento into your work.
  • How to create a stunning work using colour theory
  • How to grouting and complete your mosaic.

1. Choose a Course Option:

  • 8h mosaic course = £95
  • 15h mosaic course = £175
  • 24h mosaic course = £235

2. Contact us to check our availability for day time courses:

020 7620 6070   /

We also run a 14 week 'Introduction to Mosaic' Training Accredited by the National Open College Network (NOCN) Wednesdays from 10am-3pm = £480
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