NEW! Modern Mosaic Course: Art Nouveau Designs - Indirect method (Evening)

NEW! 7 week Modern Mosaic Course:  Art Nouveau Designs

For Improvers & Beginners

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 – Wednesday, 29 march, 2017

Time: 18.30 - 20:30 (evening)

Learn modern mosaic andamento using the indirect technique (reverse method) making a mosaic based on the lithograph work by Alphonse Mucha, Art Nouveau artist.

The mosaic will be made first onto paper within dimensions 20cmx20cm and fixed onto a wood support. You will learn how to utilize modern andamento to create patterns in your mosaic and other mosaic skills such as how to cut and shape glass and ceramic tiles and to finish your piece with grout.

All equipment and materials are supplied.

Course content :

  • Brifly explanation about the indirect tecnic, who invented and the principal different between direct and indirect techinique;

  • Study of dividing the image into a Modern mosaic layout (Andamenti) and prepare the working surface, to which tiles will be applied;

  • How to use mosaic making toolsand cutting

  • Producing a mosaic piece from a sketch using a indirect technique;

  • Grouting , cleaning and finishing your mosaic.

The designs will be provided by the tutor and you will choose one out of several designs. All desings will be available here soon. If you wish to make a different design within the theme of Art Nouveau you must submit your image in advance for approval.  

Price: £175 - includes all materials

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