New! Double Direct Technique (Tuesday evenings)

NEW! 7 week Mosaic Course:  Double Direct Technique

For all levels

Tuesday, 9th May 2017 – Tuesday 20th June 2017 (7 Tuesdays)

Time: 18.30 - 20:30 (evening)

Learn the double direct technique of mosaic onto mesh (fiber glass) using ceramic and glass vitreous and tile nippers. In this method your design is visible because you place all your pieces face up on the mesh which is laid over your design.

The mosaic will be made out of a design template, which can be a copy of another mosaic, a photograph or drawing that must be submit to us in advance - we also provide design templates on request. The mosaic will be around 20cmx20cm and fixed onto a wood support. The image must idealy be something simple so you can complete all stages of the process by the last class - mosaic is a relaxing but slow pace art form for beginners, speed may be acquired by practicioners with time of experience and practice. You will also learn how to utilize mosaic andamento to create a variety of patterns in your mosaic and to cut and shape glass and ceramic tiles using tile nippers. You will utilize cement adhesive and grout to finish your mosaic.

All equipment and materials are supplied.

Photos of artist Francesca Busca's mosaic piece "Positano made in Turkey" and Laura Symes doing a portrait of Malala, both pieces made using the double direct technique onto mesh.

See other examples of mosaics made by learners from our short courses:

This course covers

  • The double direct method of mosaic
  • How to transform a design template, photograph or drawing into a mosaic
  • How to use mosaic making tools
  • How to cut and lay ceramic and glass vitreous tiles using tile nippers
  • How to apply techniques of andamento into your work
  • How to create a stunning work using colour theory
  • How to grout and finish your mosaic

Participants must submit their designs in advance to
A variety of design templates can be provided on request.

Book and pay:

Price: £175.00 (including all materials and tuition)

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Payment method: Pay with Paypal or choose "Check out as a Guest" to pay with credit or debit card. Alternative you can send us a cheque to London School of Mosaic, St John's Crypt, 73 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8UD.

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