Exhibition Introduces London School of Mosaic

In October we will be launching London School of Mosaic, which has grown out of the 14-year experience of Southbank Mosaics. There is an unmet demand from those interested in mosaic, who want to train professionally. We will deliver the first degree course in applied mosaic studies in the UK.

Southbank Mosaics have been diversifying the means and contexts of mosaic making, and with that left a mark on London’s streets with over 300 installations ranging from guerrilla works to major public murals. Mosaic is a tool for community engagement, as it is collaborative and people at any skill level can participate. The diversity of people we work with is a symbol of this, and their voices become part of the stories we tell about place, its culture and history.

From Rome to London not just takes you on a journey from mosaic’s ancient foundations towards its contemporary application, it also tells you a visual story of our studio’s history culminating into London School of Mosaic as its new chapter.

The exhibition includes works made by the range of groups we work with including children with special needs coming to us through schools, young people in trouble with the law, students completing an accredited course with us as well as our short course students, some of whom have trained with us for many years.

London School of Mosaic continues to bring these diverse strands together to build a solid knowledge base for Applied Mosaic Studies in the UK. We are working closely with alumni of the Italian schools of mosaic, who are highly specialised in classical techniques and traditional use of mosaic in contemporary practice. We will build on these traditions and complement them with our work in London, which has grown around a diverse application of mosaic, as source of wellbeing, community engagement, place-making and social entrepreneurship. This will be the basis of innovation and critical thinking within our degree course.

We will be offering a one year diploma course from 2017/18, and anticipate to start a 3 year BA degree course from 2018/19.

If you are interested in supporting the school or studying with us, please contact:


The Rome to London Mosaic Exhibition is open to visitors until Sunday 17th September at Grade I Listed I Church St Lawrence Jewry, next to Guildhall, and access is free.