Infantalism of War

In his election campaign Trump was an implacable opponent of military adventurism abroad, claiming he would put a stop to his predecessors’ meddling in such foreign affairs.

Within a few days of winning power, surprise surprise, the shocking pictures and stories of babies killed by chemical attack make him change his mind and the drumbeats of war commence. The media is complicit – showing just enough footage of babies dying with froth at their mouths to tip the public into stupefied horror. (Surely they should consistently show visual images of war’s horror – then we would be clear: war is an occupation for psychopaths).

Trump fires his salvo of missiles as deadly as you can get and says “but he crossed a red line”.

Answer: War is crossing red lines, it always has been and always will, except when you defend your homeland from attack.

Trump: he used chemical weapons.

Answer: yes, all bombs are made with chemical materials.

Trump: he killed babies

Answer: yes Americans have been killing babies in the Middle East and Far East for decades. That is the nature of modern war: it kills more civilians than soldiers and inevitably kills babies.

Trump: but Assad is a bad hombre

Answer: Look in the mirror killer

And gradually the political rulers of our time dance their macabre tango, as they swivel their bodies with angry language for the media to gawp and report sound bites.

History repeats itself. The people hang their head in shame. The babies frothed at the mouth and died for nothing, because we don’t have control of our political systems. Those who want to go to war: to kill babies: should pay for it themselves and be judged in the international court of human rights.

We know that when soldiers return home, at least half of them develop mental health problems and recently in Iraq more of them have shot themselves than died in the war they fought. Those suicides knew they had done wrong and been fooled. Those who didn’t join the industrial military complex knew in their heart they had made the right choice.

In the future we will develop defence systems for the strong to protect babies. The mature will face up to conflict with reason and logic. Those who live by the sword will perish by the sword and twirl themselves down the plug hole of history with a sigh of relief from us all. War is destruction and a complete waste of time and money – the occupation of thieves, sadists and delinquents. Those people with a propensity for this aberration need therapy. They also need their pockets emptying for the waste they cause and to take the consequences of this sad dead end.

Ordinary people can wake up to the responsibility of ensuring our political systems and nation states are not galvanised by the concept of aggressive war against other nations. Defence of territory invaded: sure; heroic rescue of those in desperate need: sure; a noble occupation for those imbued with a sense of public duty: sure. But let’s give up killing babies…..and transform political systems that allow this.

How we do this: make tax for any part of the military industrial complex voluntary: so if you want to support this system, you pay for it.