Bankruptcy of War

It’s hard to believe well into our 21st century there are still a queue of people fuelling war by selling guns, bombs, weapons of mass destruction, all of them made with explosive chemicals, and fashioned to devastate lives, wreck families, destroy communities, spread terror among ordinary people.

It’s easy to demonise a fanatic who ploughs murderous mayhem into a crowd, but he’s just the obvious guy with mental health problems, who believes he’s following the crazy voice in his head saying life is death.

Perhaps the real nasty pieces of work are the men in suits, smiling behind broad desks in plush offices in Czech Republic, from Britain, America, Germany, South Africa, Israel, Russia, China, selling weapons to fuel wars in the hot spots of the world wherever semi-educated people bear a grudge, or war lords harbour hatred?

War is Terror. The global news nightmare we suffer spreads fear through hearth and home. Right wing authoritarians believe war is inevitable and history belongs to hard men. Their foolishness ignores the 99% of people who have always longed for peace. Left wingers still have a penchant for the gangster style of Marx, with bankrupt class war. When will we find a radical voice for peace? Both wings of these flightless birds are intellectually redundant.

History teaches us that the truly great leaders, the real warriors of time were the prophets of peace. Mohamed, Christ, Confucius, Buddha, Socrates, Tolstoy to name a few – knew that war was mad, a dead end chaos for losers.

Why sell arms when you could use the money creating double the jobs and prosperity in an inclusive, creative and positive economy? We all pay the price of war, except for the governments and arms traders who live in exclusive luxury and protect themselves with private and public security.

We need to wise up and stop supporting the terrorists in our parliaments and weapons businesses, as well as the terrorists in clandestine cells. They are the same type. The weak minded simpletons of “might is right”, the crooners of fear, the mad people for whom we should temporarily re-open our asylums and give intensive therapy.

Life can be fun, beautiful and brilliant. We have never needed war – an occupation for the insane and cruel.