Blake's Lambeth • 2007–2014

William Blake lived for ten of his most productive years in North Lambeth at 13 Hercules Buildings. The old house has been knocked down, but there is a plaque where it once stood on Hercules Road. William Blake lived in Hercules Road, SE1 from 1790 – 1800 and this mosaic project pays homage to his genius and some of his greatest work. Southbank Mosaics artists worked with 300 volunteers over a period of 7 years to research, design, plan, make and install 70 mosaics based on the words and paintings of William Blake into the railway tunnels of Waterloo Station, turning them from dark unwelcoming places into street galleries bright with opulent and durable works of art.

The names of all those who helped with this monumental work have been included in ceramic plaques currently being installed near the mosaics. The mosaics are installed on Centaur Street, Virgil Street, and Carlisle Lane (North).

A walk along Centaur Street:

25/4/05 The Guardian:

Southbank Mosaics would like to see North Lambeth designated as “Blake Country” and to that end we are transforming some of the work William Blake produced in Lambeth into large mosaics.  A permanent exhibition of William Blake’s work, transformed into mosaic, has been installed at Carlisle Lane South. These have made the locality a landmark for local residents, those who love the visonary artist and poet, as well as passers-by.

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